I'm Melissa Kelly-Hill. I worked in cake decorating for over 13 years, including owning my own custom cake studio for three years. I've now abandoned the oven to create art inspired by the world of cake and frosting. I’m on a mission to inspire joy, to remind people that we can do silly things like WEAR FROSTING. I create unconventional art with unconventional mediums that remind us that all the rules on this planet are made up by us. You can absolutely PUT A CAKE ON YOUR WALL if you want to.

Buy the art that reminds you that THERE REALLY ARE NO RULES, and… that while you are here on this giant rock, spinning through space: SEIZE JOY every moment you can. Those joyful moments will be needed when the tough stuff comes.

So that’s it… my art may seem like incidental, wacky, maximalist, dopamine décor, but what it really is, is a reminder: Don’t take yourself too seriously and HAVE FUN in this very short life.

Now...what dopamine hit are you going to get today?

  • You CAN put a cake on your head. There are no rules.

    This was at the October 2023 gathering of the Petal Arts Council. We were challenged to make a mask to wear to our meeting.

  • You CAN wear frosting. There are NO rules.

    One of my very first frosting rosette brooches. The first ones were pink! Fun fact: I hated the color pink when I was a child. Side note: Black is technically my favorite color.

  • You CAN put a cake on your wall. There are NO rules.

    Fun fact: these are my first pieces of "real art". I put my "real art" on the wall of the Grocery building of Hattiesburg's The Lucky Rabbit in 2023.